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Get a Great Price on a Cargo Container Rental

With getting the best price on a cargo container rental is easier than ever. knows that customers value a few things, their time and their money, above everything else, which is why we've made it so easy to compare prices on cargo container rentals. Saving time and money is easy, just fill out the contact form and you'll be contacted by companies that offer cargo container rentals in your area in just a few minutes, you can then compare their rates and get the best price. Since the companies know that they are competing you will get a lower rate than anywhere else, customers typically save 30-50% when they use to rent a cargo container.

Price Guide for Cargo Container Rentals

Price is usually the most important factor for customers looking to rent a cargo container, here is a breakdown of what you can expect to pay. Prices will vary depending on your location (bigger cities will usually pay more), and added on features.

  • 10 Ft. Cargo Container Rentals - 10' containers cost anywhere from $80 on the low end to $125 on the high end.
  • 20 Ft. Cargo Container Rentals - 20' containers can be found for as low as $100 a month to around $150.
  • 40 Ft. Cargo Container Rentals - 40' and larger units will usually range from about $175-$225 per month.

Cargo Container Delivery Fees

When budgeting for a cargo container rental it's important to also factor in delivery and pick up fees from each company. Some companies will offer lower monthly rates and make the price up by charging more for delivery and pick-up, so when you get the quote ask for the total price with delivery included. Actual delivery fees will vary depending on how far you are from their location and what size container you are renting (the larger the container and the further you are the more you will pay).

Cargo Container Leasing Vs. Renting

A lot of customers get confused about the differences between leasing and renting cargo containers. Leases and rentals are pretty much the same in that you will be charged monthly for your container, but with a lease you put money down up front and you will have a lower monthly rate. One advantage of leases is that they almost always include an option to purchase the container for a predetermined price once the contract is up (this is rare for rentals, but some companies offer this). If you plan to lease to buy, it's important that the purchase price is included in the contract.