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Cargo Container FAQ

The vast majority of people have never purchased or rented a cargo container before, and even if you have, you most likely have a ton of questions. has put together a list of the most common questions customers ask when getting a cargo container.

How Much Does a Cargo Container Cost?

To purchase a new cargo container you should be prepared to spend anywhere from $2,500 for a 10' or 20' container and around $4,500 for a 40' or 45' container. The price will go up if you want any additional features, and the most expensive feature you can add on would be refrigeration (typically will add on about $1,000-$1,500). For a used container you can expect to pay about $1000 less than a new container depending on the supply, and the condition of the containers. Cargo container rentals will cost around $90-$150 for 10' and 20' containers and about $175-$225 for 40' and larger units. The easiest way to get the lowest possible price is to have companies compete for your business, which you can easily do by filling out one of the contact forms right here on

How Long do Cargo Containers Last?

One of the main advantages of owning a cargo container is their longevity. Cargo containers can last for more than 20 years and they are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and even corrosive materials such as salt water. Because cargo containers last such a long time, many people will choose to buy used cargo containers, as there is often no difference between a new and used unit, and the price is almost always lower.

Do I Need a Permit to Keep a Cargo Container on My Property?

Many residential communities will require you to obtain a permit before you can place a cargo container on your land. The process is usually pretty easy, but it's a good idea to apply for a permit a few weeks before you get your container. Your local supplier will have more information about the rules in your area and will help you obtain the permit as well. If you are placing it on a construction site or commercial property you usually don't need a permit, but it's always a good idea to check before you have your container delivered.

What Size Cargo Container Should I Get?

Picking the right size cargo container is very important and can save you lots of headaches down the road. For more information about sizes check out our guide on cargo container sizes.

Should I Buy or Rent a Cargo Container?

This is a common question that customers have. First you need to realize that a container will cost upwards of $2,000, if you have that covered then you can consider buying a cargo container. If you have the money and are going to need the container for more than a year or two it's recommended to buy it.